Project Scleroderma | Briana’s Story
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Briana’s Story

Briana Garcia is a 33-year-old wife and mother from Stoneham, Massachusetts. Three years ago Briana was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma. Three years prior to her diagnosis Briana gave birth to a baby girl. In the first three years of her daughter’s life, Briana was a vibrant, healthy and active mother to her daughter and wife to her husband. However, along with her diagnosis came the sudden and extreme onset of debilitating symptoms, including: swollen hands, tightened skin, extreme pain in her hands and legs, and difficulty breathing. As a result, Briana had to leave her job and file for disability. Due to her lung involvement, Briana’s doctors had her complete a year of intense treatment. However, unfortunately, this treatment did not help.

Briana now plans to undergo a different type of treatment that may help to stop the progression of this disease, however, this treatment process is very costly. In the video below Briana explains more thoroughly her struggle with Scleroderma. If, after watching her video and hearing her story, you would like to help support Briana’s fundraising efforts to receive the treatment she needs please visit her fundraising page at

For more information about Scleroderma, patient support groups, Scleroderma treatments and the research that is being done to help cure this disease please visit

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